ℹ About Aroto

I am a music producer / composer from Greece, currently living in London. Outside my beats on soundcloud, I make Library Music (for commercials, TV and things like that), and currently trying to make a living out of it.

Everything here on Aroto is compiled and produced solely by me, and despite being extremely time consuming, I do enjoy it. Finding new music has become sort of an addiction for me, so I am glad to share it with everybody who enjoys the kind of music that I feature on this page. 

Don't hesitate to send me your music for the Radio, my mixtapes, or simply for some feedback. You can also send me suggestions about new artists and things I should write about, or any feedback to my work. 


Everything I provide is free, from the Radio (which has commercials that I don't profit from) to the mixtapes and the blog. If you feel like donating, you can do so in the link below. Thank you & enjoy the music.