Top 10 Instrumental Hip-Hop Albums of 2015

2015 is almost over and it's time to look back to some of the best albums of the year. I have already mentioned some (if not all) of these releases, but I thought it might be interesting to do a countdown of the best ones. Feel free to comment on my list, or mention some of your favourites in the comment section below.


10. Nu Vintage - Black Canvas

To be honest, this is not my favourite album from Nu Vintage since he released some great albums in the past, but it's nonetheless a great piece of work. Free download available.

9. Moderator - The World Within

Great release from 22-year-old Greek producer Moderator. A wide range of good samples, which despite their diversity, unify artfully under Moderator's unique beats.

8. Ten Million Sounds - Still

A great compilation album from Record Label Ten Million Sounds, featuring some big names such as Freddie Joachim, Vanilla, howiewonder and more. Despite the fact that this album is a very good listen, the best thing about it is that even though it is available for free, if you choose to pay all the money go to charity. Listen, enjoy, and pay if you wish to. 

7. brandon* - Dreamscape: Part 3

A unique album from brandon* featuring some jazzy bossa nova samples with great production and composition. Having had the chance to talk with him, this album feels even closer to me, although it was definitely one of the best releases of the past year. 

6. The Vault - Best of the Jazz Jousters

The Jazz Jousters release some of the best compilation albums out there, and their 'best of' could not be any different. I have enjoyed every single one of their releases, and this collection sums it up perfectly. If you enjoy it, you should definitely check some of their other albums.

5. L'indécis - Céleste

A great EP from the French producer L'indécis, following his equally enjoyable previous releases. This album has a very similar sound to all his previous works, but I don't think anybody can complain.

4. The Cancel - No Way To Stay

A soulful release by The Cancel, which manages to maintain a very unique atmosphere throughout. Heavy beats, great Soul samples and polished production by the Ukrainian beatmaker. 

3. Aso - Love Journey

Definitely one of the best albums of 2015 by Aso. He managed to combine a lot of Jazz/Chill/Electronic elements and create a very unique and enjoyable sound. Let's hope more of the same in 2016 from Aso. Free download available.

2. Vanilla - Origin

Another great album from Vanilla. All of his releases are equally enjoyable, and this latest album could not be any different. Free download on this album, as well as the rest of his previous releases. 

1. nitsua - dayscape

This was by far my favourite release of the year, and one the best albums I've heard in a really long time. It is probably the closest thing to Nujabes since the man himself, and you can tell by listening this album how much love and work has been put into it. Really amazing album, and my personal favourite of 2015.