Top 10 Instrumental Hip-Hop Albums of 2016

Well, it's March already and I owe you this list for quite some time now. This year either my tastes shifted slightly towards lo-fi jazzy instrumentals or there has been many good releases in the genre. Anyway, let's get straight into the (extended as a compensation) list. 

10. FloFilz - Cenário

A great album by the German producer FloFilz who has a very unique way of creating soft jazzy beats with a mellow/sappy undertone. Make sure to also check his 2014 album Metronom.

9. Magic in Threes - Song-a-Week 2016

Now for some relaxing Soul/Funk beats and the great band from Minnesota, Magic In Threes that has released so much music in 2016, managing to complete a new song each week. Here's the full release with 53 tracks. Not so much Hip-Hop but yeahh, good beats are good beats.

8. Don Philippe - Between now and now

An excellent debut solo record by German producer Don Philippe, who managed to create a very unique sound of mellow jazzy instrumentals with a very pronounced dark atmosphere. 

7. DeKobe - Balisa & Appreciation

DeKobe released 2 albums in 2016 that I equally enjoyed. Jazzy instrumentals with downtempo summery beats, both albums with free download available. 


6. Mt. Fujitive - winter weibs

A great little 7-track album by Mt. Fujitive that he wrote in 1 day to celebrate his milestone on soundcloud. Soft winter lo-fi jazzy instrumentals with very relaxing nightime mood. Free download available. 

5. jinsang - life. solitude. meditation.

It has been a very prolific year for jinsang who released 2 albums in 2016 and another one in January 2017,  and each one deserves to be on this list. Soft lo-fi Jazz-Hop instrumentals, April, December and January.

4. Maple Syrup - Vocation 

An excellent album by Maple Syrup full of summery Jazz-Hop instrumentals with relaxing beats and vinyl distortion. Looking forward to the summer already.

3. wūsh - for her

An excellent lo-fi album by wūsh with 27 very soft nightime beats. Perfect production by the German production who managed to make such a minimal album feel so warm and full. 

2. brandon* - Kingdom of Dreams

brandon* seems to be taking instrumental hip-hop in a direction that it has never been before, using unique samples, beats and arrangement rarely found on hip-hop. Both this and his 2017 Dreamscape Part 4 seem very unique from what is out there. Free download available.

1. tomppabeats - Harbor

Finally, my favourite album for 2016 was by far Harbor by tomppabeats. Maybe this album is barely considered hip-hop but it was an excellent musical journey through 1 minute themes which made me view lo-fi through a different prospective. Excellent sample selection, composition, production and theme. Available on vinyl here.

Notable mentions