Bmbu - cloud city

An excellent release by Bmbu with very unique vibes and relaxing beat. Defintely give it a listen. 

Kid Abstrakt & The Deli - Daydreaming

Kid Abstrakt & The Deli join forces to great a chill and uplifting album with interesting samples and production. After track 10 the instumentals. 

I.L.L. Will - EXPEDITion Vol. 20: One Will

Some great beats by I.L.L. Will with old school vibes, jazzy melodies and experimental elements, check it out;. 

Joey Pecoraro - Music For Happiness

A really great album by Joey Pecoraro. Happy melodies, great samples and well thought out instrumentation and production. Excellent overall, favourite track: Lovely

Brous One - Cinta de Ritmos One 2 Three

New release by Brous One and as always, an amazing set of relaxing old school beats. Definitely give it a listen.