Instrumental Hip-Hop

Parental | Sirlensalot - Revisit OST

Great couple of album for the soundtrack of of Revisit by Parental | Sirlensalot, check them out.

The REVISIT Soundtrack was initiated by Markus Oberndorfer as part of his media art project REVISITED which features 360 video, media installation, photography, collage, and an artist book. Six befriended musicians were invited to provide three tracks each and given the assignment to send contributions representing their interpretations of the 360 videos recorded of the Sunset Strip in 2016 as part of REVISITED.

Potelin - Hip​-​Hop & Trip-Hop Compilation

A couple of great compilations by Potelin available for free download. A Trip-Hop and a Hip-Hop one, with songs from his previous releases.