Mecca:83 - Life Sketches 1, 2, 3

Producer from Manchester Mecca:83 released a great 2-part album in 2011, and comes back 6 years later with the third volume. Great beats now and then, check them out. Free download on part 1&2.

Reklews - Rekstrumentals Vol.1-Vol.4

Four instrumental albums by Reklews from 2010 to 2014. Raw, old-school beats with good samples and grainy production.   

QSTN - Interludes & Interpretations

I recently posted another record by QSTN and this is yet another great  (and more recent) album. This one remains jazzy, but also has a few funky characteristics to it, very enjoyable. I only wish the production was a bit better. 

V.A. - An Eternal Soul OST

A very nice compilation album/soundtrack of a Nujabes documentary which (from what i understand) is either cancelled or postponed. Sentimental Hip-Hop instrumentals with free download available. Shame the documentary is not a reality, hopefully in the future.

Otso - Start over

Emotional instrumentals by Otso from 2011. With the heavy use of piano and strings, these instrumentals have a slight Eastern flavour and the are certainly very well produced. Check em out. Free download available here

Shuko & F. Of Audiotreats - Cookies & Cream 1, 2 & 3

Three great albums from Shuko & F. Of Audiotreats released in 2011,2012 and 2013. Very enjoyable instrumentals, some a bit more old-school other kinda jazzy. I mostly like the third volume but check them out and decide for yourselves.