Chill-Hop Instrumentals Vol.3 - Mixtape 18

Third volume of Chill-Hop Instrumentals, available in all countries. Check from YouTube with background video, from Mixcloud for the mix only, and 8tracks for the tracks separately. 

PS. I shot this video in Rome, the location is here if anyone interested.

Soul / Funk / Jazz / Hip-Hop Instrumentals Vol.3 - Mixtape 17

Third volume of Soul / Funk / Jazz / Hip-Hop Instrumentals, available in all 3 streaming locations. Check YouTube with background video, Mixcloud for the mix only 8tracks for the tracks separately. 

Chill-Hop / Ambient Electronic Instrumentals Vol.2 - Mixtape 13

Second volume of Chill-Hop Instrumentals with a blend of more Ambient Electronic sounds. Available on Youtube, Mixcloud, or 8tracks for the separate tracks. The only video I did with After Effects and the rendering took me about a month.