Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat Vlog Instrumentals (Updated)

ORIGINAL POST (28/12/15): Casey Neistat is a Filmmaker / Vlogger, and one of the most famous people on youtube, currently having just over 1.5 million subscribers. Being on the platform from its very early days,  he made a few of the first viral videos of the last decade.  About a year ago he started daily vlogging, and whoever is familiar with his vlogs will know that his song choices are always interesting. He finds underground Hip-Hop artists (or they find him?) and his vlogs offer a great source for discovering new music. 

Soundcloud user Reda Izo took it upon himself to create a playlist with all the songs used in Casey's vlogs. The playlist is updated daily as the vlogs are released, and it's full of interesting tunes. Take a listen, and I am sure you will keep coming back to it. 

UPDATE (29/04/16): Since I originally posted this, there's has also been another soundcloud user (maybe Casey himself?)  that seems a bit more devoted to uploading the songs every day, and this is his page.