GuiB - Among

An excellent release by GuiB with some very atmospheric trip hop tracks, check them out. Free download available.

Potelin - Hip​-​Hop & Trip-Hop Compilation

A couple of great compilations by Potelin available for free download. A Trip-Hop and a Hip-Hop one, with songs from his previous releases.

Erik Jackson - Long After Midnight

Check out this project by Erik Jackson with some very atmospheric and jazzy trip-hop instrumentals, great work.

This album was a look back at my nights walking the streets with my headphones on. Whether in a dangerous area or not, I was in another time and place. This, until the batteries died or my tape was eaten by my Walkman. Then it was back to 13th and Park to get another bootleg tape or generic batteries. Music was an escape. It was always with us. In sad time and in good. In failure and in growth. I look back at those times waking the streets of Sanford and reminisce. It wasn’t all good or all bad. It was just life. This album began as a look back it ended on looking at my current phase in life and a reminder to enjoy it as much as possible. I hope this album will help you enjoy as well.
— Erik Jackson