Instrumental Hip-Hop

Erik Jackson Presents: Elements

Great release by Erik Jackson, check it out, free download available.

With over 10 compilations with representatives from around the globe and many articles written (MOWAX, STERYO, ALL ABOUT JAZZ) about the dynamic and quality Nuages contributes. We keep growing in celebration to a positive movement!

Erik Jackson
Oka Miles
Cedric Till
Mr. Moods
Mike B.
Sick Rat
Modern Scribe
Virtual Recess
DeeJay Dolo
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Teknikal & Figub Brazlevič

A great set of instrumentals by Teknikal & Figub Brazlevič derived from the latest record Strictly 4 All, check it out.

Philanthrope - Waking Dreams

A few excellent and chill beats by Philanthrope with many collaboration within the album, check it out. 

Tracks 1 & 7 co-produced by Mono:Massive. 
Track 3 co-produced by Sugi.wa. 
Track 4 co-produced by tusken. 
Track 13 co-produced by Kupla. 

Morriarchi - BuGGstrumentalS 1 & 2

Two instrumental releases by producer Morriarchi, the first one in 2015 and the second one in 2018. Old school sound, dark atmosphere and minimal melodic elements, check it out.