Instrumental Hip-Hop

MorFiy - The Archival Instrumentals

Producer from Russia MorFiy back with The Archival Instrumentals after a long time of absense.

Hello to all my people! This is MorFiy.

It’s no secret to you that lately I have started to make very little music, similar to the one you have loved from me. Therefore, I decided to correct this situation a little - I climbed over all my old folders, projects, computers, and found a lot of interesting things. In this album, the instrumentals and beats that I did not post before. Also, there is a beat from my most popular video on YouTube (on the roof), which I did not post before. Having found all this, I “blew away the dust” from these beats, retouched and decided to share with you. I hope you will be interested and pleasant.

Thank you for your love!
— bandcamp

Luvjonez - GO GETTER

A great album by Luvjonez, check it out.

This album is inspired by the things in life that give us the motivation to keep evolving. Whether it’s music, art, or whatever you see as your craft, this is the soundtrack inspired by the ebbs and flows of the creative process. For all those moments that you wake up early, stay up late, find time to create after a long work day and the dedication to the task at hand.
— Luvjones

Thelonious Coltrane & Kunfu - Knoren

A great record by Thelonious Coltrane & Kunfu as Der Harzer und Kanarienvogels with free download available. Excellent old school beats with chill vibe and vinyl rustle, check it out.